So you are looking for a Toddler Learning Apps that can keep your kid busy and cater to his curiosity at the same time. At present, there are thousands of games available on the internet under the tag of “Best kids games”, however only a handful of them are appropriate for your child. Kids have a minimal attention span, they tend to get distracted after every 4 to 6 minutes. Your child might get bored with a random game downloaded from Play Store so you might be in search of the best apps for 2-3-year-olds.

Toddler Learning Apps

On top of this, kids have very curious brains, and you as a parent have to be very careful about their screen time and all the information they are being fed by these online games. The Internet is filled with manipulative content, as a responsible parent, you have to ensure that your child is not exposed to such toxic and uncensored content. These days, even games designed for kids invoke violent thoughts instead of enhancing their knowledge and intelligence.

You must ensure that your child matures naturally, and we help you with it. This guide will review a very interesting kid’s game “ABC Dot to Dot Connect”. ABC Dot to Dot Connect game is a feature-loaded game and we will make sure that we don’t unwrap them in this guide itself. We will keep a few features secret and would want you and your kid to explore them. Now, let’s begin with the review:

1. Approved by Teachers

First and foremost, while downloading the game, we found that ABC Dot to Dot Connect kids game is approved by teachers across the globe.

ABC Dot to Dot Connect

Let us give you a brief context about it. Whenever a developer or a company, wants to publish an app for kids on the Google Play store, they have to undergo some checks that are done by teachers associated with the Play store. In these checks, teachers validate whether the game is suitable for kids across the globe. In these detailed checks, if those teachers found any inappropriate element, they do not approve the app. While downloading the free educational apps for kids, as parents, you must check the Approved by Teacher badge on the App page.

2. Bright Colors Combinations

When it comes to kids’ games, color combination is much more important than a crisp and sharp storyline. ABC Dot to Dot Connect offers a wide spectrum of colors at every interface. From the game’s menu to different levels, you will get a smart color combination.

Connect alphabets

On the homepage, you get an attractive graphic including hills, mountains, trees, trains, tracks, clowns, etc. At the first glance itself, the game grabs the attention of the category of Toddler Learning Apps. Besides that, the simple background of different game levels gives a very minimal and impactful look to the app.

3. Pleasant Background Music and Sound Effects

Background score makes a game much more attractive and interesting. For instance, it is quite natural to feel happy when the music is pleasant around us. Similarly, on ABC Dot Dot Connect, the moment you launch the game, your child will feel very relaxed and happy, all thanks to the energetic music.

alphabet tracing

In the screenshot, if I am taping on the alphabet “A”, the game will say “A” and as soon as I will move to “B”, I will hear the sound effect of “B”. This will enhance your child’s overall coordination skills and interest in Toddler Learning Apps to learn new alphabets.

Besides that, in the gameplay, the sound effects are very accurate and after every victory, you get appreciation notes along with cheerful music. On top of all this, we all are aware that music is very easy to mesmerize. In schools, teachers also narrate instead of just writing on the board. Similarly, to enhance your child’s knowledge, in the game, you get background music that is relevant to the on-screen activity and it syncs effortlessly with the finger taps. For example, if your Kid is trying to draw an apple, in the background, the narrator will recite all the dots he/she is connecting.

4. Limited Options in Menu

Toddler Learning Apps

Most games are loaded with options, you can do a lot of customizations with the characters, scenes, and equipment and they have a long story timeline. For adults, all these options are somewhere required, however, when it comes to Toddler Learning Apps and Kids’ games, options should be very limited.

Kids tend to tap randomly on the screen and if any new popup appears, they get distracted as well as furious. Even we as adults sometimes get irritated with those additional options. A kid’s game must be straightforward and should have a handful of options, and that’s where ABC Dot to Dot Connect game leads. As you saw in the screenshot above, unnecessary options like screen rotation, music control, and sensitivity control are included in the application. Your child can simply enjoy the gameplay with minimal distractions.


We recommend you try ABC Dot to Dot Connect game as it is a toddler learning apps free. It checks all the requirement boxes of an ideal kids’ game. Besides that, the application is being actively improved and new features are added regularly. A Quick insight, very soon, more interesting games will be introduced in it. We would rate the gate 4.8 out of 5. It’s a complete package of learning and fun for your child. In case you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below. We will get back to you.

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